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Try the Varsity Pack 1 or 2 - Our best-selling multi-vitamins for health and fitness in convenient daily packets Lindberg Varsity Pack 2 -- High potency multi-vitamin packets or powder for men, women and athletes Varsity Pack 1 multi-vitamin packets -- Why you may need more than a 1-per-day Lindberg Pink Pack for Women -- The ultimate multi-vitamin and mineral pack This 6-a-day vitamin pack includes 1,100 mg of omega-3s from double-strength fish oil and organic flax oil Regis Philbin gets his supplements from Nutrition Express Multi-vitamins help combat depression in older adults Bone Support helps you maintain healthy bones* Supplements combat aging and exercise induced damage Taking supplements linked to better weight management Vitamin A lowers risk for stomach cancer Vitamin C, choline and hawthorn are good for the heart Vitamin C reduces heart disease risk and increases fertility in men Antioxidants and omega-3s support better vision Cancer Society recommends higher vitamin D intake Vitamin D helps reduce fracture risk in the elderly Vitamin D reduces cancer risk Vitamin D helps lower risk of cancer U.S. should raise vitamin D RDI Natural vitamin E reduces risk for blood clots Vitamin E protects the heart Quercetin lowers blood pressure and vitamin E reduces cholesterol Fish oil & niacin complement statin therapy Thiamin (vitamin B1) deficiency discovered in diabetics Depression symptoms decrease with folate Folic acid reduces heart disease, stroke and birth defects Folic acid supports better hearing Biotin and chromium picolinate help control blood sugar Elderly people stay sharp with vitamin B12 Higher zinc intake increases vitamin A level Lutein, zeaxanthin and zinc reduce risk for macular degeneration Multi-vitamins help moms reduce disease risk for children Vitamin K protects bones and lowers risk for heart disease Vitamin K builds strong bones and reduces osteoarthritis Vitamin K protects the heart Calcium and magnesium support sugar conversion to energy Increase calcium intake to fight cancer risk Calcium, omega-3s and more contribute to better health Supplements keep eyesight healthy in older adults Selenium stabilizes HIV Selenium, multi-vitamins and soy protect the prostate Selenium helps fight fat Magnesium helps develop healthy bones in girls Live longer, healthier lives with selenium Zinc reduces infections Probiotics, antioxidants & zinc support healthy digestion Antioxidants aid chemotherapy Antioxidants for healthier skin Fight stress and fatigue with vitamins and ginseng Magnesium for healthy hearts Micronutrients reduce AIDS risk