Castile Lavender Soap, 32 fl oz (946 mL) Bottle

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Ingredients: Water, Organic Coconut Oil*, Potassium Hydroxide**, Organic Palm Kernel Oil*, Organic Olive Oil*, Lavandin Extract, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Lavender Extract, Citric Acid, Tocopherol. *CERTIFIED FAIR TRADE INGREDIENTS

**None remains after saponifying oils into soap and glycerine.
Suggested Use: For everyday bodywashing: Get wet and pour soap full-strength onto hands-washcloth-loofah. Lather up, scrub down, rinse off, and tingle fresh & clean! Use Dr. Bronner's for shaving, shampooing, massaging, brushing teeth, baths, dispensers, uniforms, diapers, babies, the beach, dentures, deodorant, aftershave, silk, wool, pets, car, hands, and feet.

To simplify & enjoy life more, dilute 1/2 ounce or 2 squirts of this pure castile soap with 2 gallons (or sinkfull) of hot water, then towel massage or use as a facial pack. Wring towel out and fingertip massage your hair & scalp. Enjoy the creamy emollient lather!
Claims: 2-3x more concentrated than many leading liquid soaps, cleansers and body washes. Dilute with water. Clouds when cold. Put in warm room/water. Clears at about 70F.
WARNING: Keep out of eyes - if product does get in eyes, wash out with water. Don't drink the soap.
Other Information: Soap clouds when cold - less than 50°F. If soap clouds, put in warm room or water - soap clears at 70°F.