Lindberg Immune Support* with beta-glucan and adaptogenic mushroom extracts

It comes around every year – the holiday season and then cold season. We get busy during the holidays preparing for holiday parties. It seems there are events and year-end things we have to finalize and wrap up. Some of us go to parties and never-ending celebrations, and many times, we are put in stressful situations.

The weather changes, we get tired, run-down, and eventually, our immune system weakens.  

What can we do besides getting plenty of rest, eating properly, and getting rid of stress?

You can support your immune system with Lindberg Immune Support!* 


Immune Support* was formulated with beta-glucan and special adaptogenic mushroom extracts that have been used for centuries.

Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan 

Beta-Glucan is a class of polysaccharide fiber found in certain yeasts and mushrooms. Immune Support* contains both yeast and mushroom beta-glucans, which are a mixture of beta 1,3 glucan and beta 1,6 glucan. They have an activating effect on immune cells that help your body ward off invaders.* 

Several studies have shown beta-glucan activates white blood cells.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 In fact, there have been hundreds of research papers on beta-glucan since the 1960s.6, 9 Most research shows beta 1,3 glucan, in particular, is very effective at activating white blood cells known as macrophages and neutrophils.*

Beta-glucan may support the immune response after strenuous exercise*

Mucous membranes are lined with cells that secrete a protective antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA. It plays a key role in mucosal immunity – the first line of defense. Our bodies secrete less IgA with age, stress, and nutritional deficiencies. Strenuous exercise suppresses mucosal immunity for up to 24 hours, weakening our upper respiratory tract defenses.

In one study, 109 young sedentary men and women took 250 mg of beta-glucan per day or a placebo. After 10 days, participants walked or jogged in intervals on a treadmill for 90 minutes in a hot, humid environment to trigger a stress response in the body. Doctors measured IgA levels in saliva before and after exercise and found higher levels in the beta-glucan group compared to placebo. Discussing the findings, doctors said even a small amount of exercise can reduce the immune response, and that beta-glucan can help support key immune functions.7*

Maitake Mushroom Extract (4:1)

The maitake mushroom is a very large mushroom that is known for its taste and health benefits. It's also known as a medicinal mushroom. Most mushrooms and some herbs have complex polysaccharides in their structure. These active constituents (including beta-glucan) help support the immune system. The polysaccharides in maitake have a very unique structure and are remarkably powerful.8

Shiitake Mushroom Extract (4:1) 

The body of the shiitake mushroom has been used in traditional medicine for a variety of health concerns. The key ingredient found in shiitake’s fruiting body is a type of beta-glucan called lentinan, which has been the subject of multiple clinical studies. Many people around the world use shiitake mushroom for immune support and health.*

Reishi Mushroom Extract (4:1)

Reishi contains several compounds and polysaccharides also valuable for the immune system. Several studies show it benefits the heart as well.*

Both beta-glucans and mushroom extracts can support your body's own defenses to fight the daily assaults on your body.* It’s ideal to use when you’ve been exposed to sick people. It really works!


See what people are saying about Immune Support*

THIS STUFF IS FANTASTIC!!! I'm a person that gets run down A LOT, about 4 times a year on average and every time I feel I'm about to catch something, I pop one of these and next day, instantly better. Much recommended.*

Dennis C., San Dimas, CA


I usually take these in the fall to get my immune system ready for the holiday craziness. They keep me healthy and I rarely get run-down. I also use Lindberg Oregano Oil and load up on extra vitamin C. Thanks for making a great formula!*

Tyler M., Plano, TX



Take 2 capsules daily with water, without food.

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