Prostate health

Q. Dear Mark, I’m a 42-year-old male with a family history of prostate problems. What can I do to keep my prostate healthy? —Christopher

A. Start by seeing a doctor annually for evaluations of your prostate. This will establish baseline reference points enabling your physician to spot unhealthy changes early on and preserve the widest range of treatment options if problems are found in the future. More than 90 percent of men will have prostate problems by the time they reach their mid-80s.

In terms of nutrition, make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables daily. Tomato products are particularly good for the prostate due to their naturally high lycopene levels. Lycopene gives the red color to tomatoes and other vegetables and has been shown to promote prostate health. Avoid processed meats such as bacon, cold cuts and hot dogs. Instead, get your protein from healthy lean meats, fish, eggs and high-quality protein supplements like Fitness Labs WheyFit.

The most important supplements for prostate health would be a multi-vitamin, fish oil and a good prostate formula like Lindberg Prostate Support or Fitness Labs ProstaFit. Taking additional amounts of select nutrients like lycopene and green tea extract may offer additional protection.


Reprinted with permission.

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