Increased dairy intake associated with a greater loss of weight and body fat

Dairy foods like milk, cheese, and yogurt contain excellent sources of protein (whey and casein) and other important nutrients such as calcium and fatty acids that have been linked to weight loss and improved body composition.

A recent comprehensive analysis of randomized clinical trials was conducted to determine if increased dairy intake or supplementation during energy restriction has a positive impact on weight loss and body composition.

A total of 27 studies and 864 total participants were considered in the analysis that included 21 interventions with dairy foods and 6 with whey supplements (ranging between 20-84 g/day). When all these studies were considered together, it was determined that increased intake of dairy foods/supplements was associated with a significantly greater loss of body weight (2.6 pounds) and body fat (3.3 pounds) compared to control. Dairy intake was also associated with better preservation of lean body mass during weight loss.

This meta-analysis provides convincing evidence that increased dairy intake from foods (more than 2 servings) or whey supplements has beneficial effects on weight loss and body composition responses during energy restriction in overweight or obese adults.

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