Whey after weight lifting and cardio increases muscle protein synthesis 145%

Many times people perform resistance exercise first, followed by continuous endurance exercise. The effect of protein ingestion on the muscle protein synthesis response to this type of concurrent training has not previously been investigated.

Healthy young men performed a bout of resistance exercise (8 sets of 5 repetitions), rested 15 minutes, and then performed 30 minutes of continuous cycling. On one occasion they were provided 25g of whey protein immediately after exercise, and on another occasion, they consumed only water (placebo). Compared to rest, the rate of muscle protein synthesis during 1-to-4 hours post-exercise was increased by 75% during placebo (water only) and by 145% when taking whey. Consumption of whey protein also resulted in lower expression of catabolic (muscle breakdown) gene expression.

These findings provide evidence that lifting weights first, then doing endurance exercise results in an increase in muscle protein synthesis, and this anabolic (muscle-building) response is maximized by ingesting at least 25g of whey protein after exercise.


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