Triple your weight loss by combining whey protein and this type of workout

Previous work has shown that regular whey consumption can have favorable effects on body composition. A recent study provides additional support and shows even better results when combined with exercise.

Overweight men and women were randomized into 3 groups: a whey only group; a whey + resistance training group; and a whey + multi-mode exercise group. In all groups, they consumed 20g of whey three times per day (morning, afternoon, and evening). The exercise groups trained four times per week. In addition to resistance training, the multi-mode group incorporated stretching, sprints, yoga and Pilates. No specific attempt was made to alter diet beyond the protein supplementation. 

After 16 weeks all groups lost body weight but it was greater in the whey + multi-mode exercise group (-7.3 lb) compared to the whey protein alone group (-4.0 lb) and the whey protein + resistance training group (-2.4 lb). The multi-mode group also lost more fat in the abdominal region, especially visceral fat (-211 grams) versus -100 grams in the whey protein + resistance training group, and a non-significant 32-gram change in the whey protein alone group. Both training groups also showed a greater decrease in circulating glucose and insulin sensitivity.

These results indicate that simply incorporating a 20g serving of whey protein 3-times per day into the diet results in a moderate fat loss, but including regular exercise training augments the loss of visceral fat, a type of fat highly correlated with adverse metabolic effects. Combining whey with a training program that includes different modes of exercise appears to deliver the best results.

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