Build muscle, reduce muscle breakdown and promote satiety with Protein Blend*

Fast and slow-digesting protein helps build muscle and promotes satiety — feel full longer*  


Fast- and slow-release proteins*

Protein Blend is a precise blend of four proteins designed to help you build and maintain muscle, reduce muscle breakdown and promote satiety. Fast- and slow-release proteins create a sustained-release effect that keeps you satisfied for hours.*


Non-rBGH/rBST-treated cows^

All our whey and milk proteins are from cows not given rBGH/rBST (artificial growth hormone).^


Whey protein — supports lean muscle*

To help stimulate protein synthesis, we include fast-digesting whey protein concentrate and isolate. It's specially filtered to retain valuable protein fractions that may help support the immune system.* About 60% of the protein in our formula is from whey protein and the remaining 40% is from milk protein isolate and egg white protein.


Milk protein isolate — reduces muscle breakdown*

To help reduce muscle protein breakdown, we include medium- to slow-release milk protein isolate (20% whey and 80% casein). This protein helps slow the body's natural process of breaking down muscle when you haven't eaten in several hours. It may also help satisfy hunger cravings to prevent overeating.* 


Egg white — the gold standard 

Egg white protein is regarded as the "Gold Standard" of high-quality proteins. It's fat free, cholesterol free, sugar free and lactose free. 


Natural flavors

It's perfect for those who wish to avoid artificial flavors and synthetic colors. 


No artificial sweeteners 

Only stevia extract is used for a low-medium sweetness level.


Soy free — instantized

It's mildly instantized with a small amount of non-GE (non-genetically engineered) sunflower lecithin, not soy. 


330 mg of calcium per serving

Protein Blend is an excellent source of naturally-occurring calcium, about twice that of a whey-only formula, due to its milk protein isolate content. 


Muscle-building & muscle-sparing*  

— Use to boost protein intake

— Make a protein shake for breakfast

— Take before or after workouts

— Take before bed



Try Lindberg Protein Blend Natural Vanilla today! 


Or, try Protein Blend Natural Chocolate with real organic cocoa! 

Help build and maintain muscle and create a sense of fullness with Lindberg Protein Blend!*



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