The eye-brain connection
To function well, the brain needs the same antioxidants present in the eye. In this study, 64 healthy adults, aged 18 to 32, took 20 mg of zeaxanthin alone; 26 mg of zeaxanthin, plus 8 mg of lutein, plus 190 mg of omega-3s per day; or a placebo.

After four months, both zeaxanthin groups improved compared to placebo, including seeing and tracking the movement of fine detail against a background; more quickly identifying a moving object, its path, direction, and speed; and physically reacting faster to a fast-moving object.

The results suggest lutein, zeaxanthin, and omega-3s improve visual processing even in young, healthy people at their peak efficiency.

Reference: PLoS One; September, 2014, Vol. 9, Issue 9, e108178.
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