Valerian and lemon balm may improve sleep quality

Women who enter menopause often have disturbed sleep with hot flashes. In this study, 100 women aged 50 to 60 who were complaining of disturbed sleep took 160 mg of valerian root plus 80 mg of lemon balm per day, or a placebo. The range of sleep complaints, from mild to severe, was similar in both groups.

After one month, compared to placebo, more women who had taken valerian/lemon balm reported having no sleep disorder symptoms, and all 15 women who had begun the study with severe symptoms reported much milder symptoms after taking valerian/lemon balm. Discussing their findings, doctors said the study demonstrates that, for women with symptoms of sleep disorders as they progress through menopause, valerian/lemon balm can promote the quality and duration of sleep.

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