1st Place - Best Abs

Mike Saffaie

Age: 34
CEO of Grapple Grip
Personal Trainer, Aerobics Instructor
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt 
1st Place So Cal Best Abs 2013

I am a Natural Athlete, so it is important for me to provide my body with the cleanest nutritional support available. I put myself through a physically demanding program on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

My favorite supplements are CLA Tonalin by Fitness Labs. CLA assists me in burning excess fat prior to my competitions.

I really like the natural flavor Whey Protein Isolate by Fitness Labs. It tastes great and uses stevia as a sweetener.

And, for general health benefits, I take Double Strength Fish Oil and Resveratrol by Lindberg.

I have been shopping at Lindberg Nutrition for 15 years because I know I am receiving top quality products for the best price. The staff is extremely knowlegable, and I always feel I am being educated on what I’m buying, not just being “sold” something. Thank you for your nutritional support!

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