Varsity Pack 1 multi-vitamin packets - Why you may need more than a 1-per-day

Lindberg Varsity® Pack – a top-seller for over 65 years

Lindberg has been making specialized vitamin formulas since 1949. Varsity Pack was originally designed for college and pro athletes. Over the years, many teams have won championships using these packs in sports such as football and basketball. Multiple Olympic gold medal winners spanning several decades have called it their multi-vitamin of choice. Varsity Pack's success and broad appeal has now spread from athletes to all individuals desiring a strong foundation to their health and fitness program.  

If you're a man, woman or teenager who wants optimum health and fitness, then Varsity Pack 1 is for you!


  • Great for health and fitness enthusiasts
  • Ideal for those who don't always eat right
  • Designed to fight the effects of aging*
  • 5 easy-to-swallow, small capsules per packet


Here's why the Lindberg Varsity® Pack 1 is superior:


Made with algae-sourced beta-carotene 

Only the more expensive, algae-sourced form of beta-carotene is used. It contains a wide spectrum of yellow, orange and red carotenoids that help quench free radicals and support overall health.* These carotenoids include beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, cryptoxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin.


Full array of energizing B vitamins 

Varsity® Pack 1 includes a full array of B vitamins, which are vital for energy and heart health.* Plus, you get a healthy dose of pantothenic acid, known as the “anti-stress” vitamin. 


Only the “active” form of vitamin B12 is used for enhanced bioavailability

Instead of regular vitamin B12, only the premium, more expensive “active” form of B12 (methylcobalamin) is used. Many people have a difficult time converting “regular” B12 into its “active” form because they lack the intrinsic factor in their gut to effectively utilize B12. That's why many people attempt to boost their energy levels with B12 shots.  


Vitamin C 500 mg plus buffered C is easy on the stomach   

Varsity® Pack 1 includes buffered, non-acidic vitamin C for sensitive stomachs, and citrus bioflavonoids to support vein and capillary health.*



Vitamin D3 1,000 IU is essential for bone health and overall health

Research shows that we need more vitamin D than originally thought. This is especially true during the winter months and for those who get minimal sun exposure, use sunscreen or live in northern latitudes. The Varsity® Pack 1 includes 1,000 IU's of the superior form of D, called vitamin D3. Research has shown vitamin D facilitates calcium absorption and helps strengthen bones and teeth. It also supports joint and heart health, plus immune system and long-term overall health.* 


Vitamin E, mixed tocopherols and gamma tocopherol combat stress such as exercise

Only the highly bioavailable, d-alpha form of vitamin E is used.­ Plus, you get a gamma-tocopherol complex including delta and beta-tocopherol to combat oxidative stress and to help you recover after exercise.* All these forms of vitamin E provide a balance of antioxidants to minimize the oxidation of fats and oils that you consume in your diet.*  


Vitamin K1 and K2 support bone and arterial health  

Most formulas only include vitamin K1 (phytonadione). However, new research shows that vitamin K2 also does great things for your body. Varsity® Pack 1 has both vitamin K1 and the more expensive and more biologically active K2 form. The two forms of vitamin K2 that are included are menaquinone-7 and menaquinone-4. They each act differently in the body and support arterial health as well as bone health.* 


Calcium and bone health minerals

Most 1 or 2-per-day formulas have virtually no calcium or magnesium. To get a significant amount of these minerals, you need to take a 5-per-day or more formula. Here's where vitamin packs like the Varsity® Pack 1 really shine. In each packet, you get 250 mg of calcium including calcium citrate, a highly bioavailable form of calcium.* 

Plus, you get 200 mg of magnesium, which is only found in minimal amounts in 1-per-day formulas. This electrolyte mineral plays an important role in bone mineralization, the regulation of calcium balance, cardiovascular health and nerve impulse transmission.*

Magnesium is also a cofactor in about 300 enzymatic reactions. Some of these enzymes affect energy production via glucose metabolism and the synthesis of protein and fats.*

To support strong bones, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3, zinc and the trace mineral boron provide a superior synergistic blend compared to the levels found in traditional 1-per-day formulas.*


Patented mineral chelates for those who exercise

The Varsity® Pack 1 has premium-grade, extraordinary minerals. These include several patented Albion® amino acid-bound minerals, which are more bioavailable than non-chelated forms.* They support rehydration, endurance, energy and muscle growth.* If you exercise, play sports or want the highest quality minerals in your formula, then the Varsity Pack 1 is for you.  


Selenium protects the body

The trace mineral selenium is essential to health. It has antioxidant properties that help prevent cellular damage from free radicals.* Selenium has well-researched studies behind it, touting its protective benefits. 

Varsity® Pack 1 contains 200 micrograms, the exact amount shown in clinical studies to have benefits. In fact, it is one of the few minerals that the FDA allows a health claim for which reads as follows: Selenium may reduce the risk of certain cancers. Some scientific evidence suggests that consumption of selenium may reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer. However, FDA has determined that this evidence is limited and not conclusive.


Chromium for blood sugar balance

Only the patented, niacin-bound brand of chromium is used. It supports healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range.* 


Zinc for healthy skin, muscles and hormones

Zinc is an important mineral found in almost every cell in the body. It is required for the proper functioning of thyroid, sex and growth hormones, as well as for insulin.* Zinc also promotes healthy skin and helps maintain normal taste and smell acuity.* It supports the body's natural defenses and plays a critical role in the body's antioxidant network.* 


Biotin and silica promote healthy hair, skin and nails

How you look on the outside is largely a reflection of your internal nutrition status. That's why biotin (a B-vitamin), the trace mineral silica (from bamboo extract), zinc and vitamin A are included in the Varsity® Pack 1. They support healthy hair, smooth, clear skin and strong nails.*



Antioxidant-rich core of protection

Athletes, those who exercise, and those living in smog-filled areas need to concern themselves with the damage free radicals can do to them. That’s why Varsity Pack includes a robust antioxidant core of A, C, E, and selenium plus antioxidant support factors such as alpha-lipoic acid, grape seed extract, lutein and lycopene.*

Alpha-lipoic acid
Alpha-lipoic acid helps quench free radicals our bodies produce during exercise. It provides protection inside the cell and extends the life of vitamins C and E.*

Grape Seed Extract
Varsity® Pack 1 includes this polyphenol extract which provides antioxidant support.*

Lutein and Zeaxanthin
These yellow carotenoids are found in high levels in the macula and support eye health.*

This red carotenoid supports overall health.*


All capsules – fast delivery – convenient packets

An advanced, vegetarian capsule formula delivers ingredients quicker into the body. The convenient daily packets save the hassle of opening multiple bottles every day. They're also great for travel or taking to the office if you take your vitamins at lunch time. 


Great for men, women and teenagers

If you're a man, woman or teenager who desires a strong foundation on which to build your daily nutrition program, then try the Lindberg Varsity® Pack 1.

Order Lindberg Varsity® Pack 1 today!  
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