Get lean and ripped with Thermo Rip Fat Burner - specifically formulated for those who exercise*

Thermo Rip® — get lean and ripped*

Thermo Rip® is formulated for those who like to workout and want to get lean and ripped. It's now stronger than ever with added capsaicin from cayenne pepper to ignite the flames of thermogenesis.* Core ingredients include fruit extracts, green tea extract, L-tyrosine and caffeine (150 mg).        


Decrease body fat* with fruit extracts

A special fruit extract is based on three citrus fruits of the Mediterranean diet: sweet orange, blood orange and grapefruit. It also contains an extract from the berries of the tropical American plant, guarana. Each of these extracts contains specific bioactive flavonoids that have been shown to boost lipolysis (fat breakdown).*


In one study of 95 healthy overweight volunteers, the group taking 450 mg of this fruit extract twice per day had a greater decrease in body fat (-9.7% vs -3.2%) and a greater decrease in waist circumference (-5.7% vs -1.5%) than placebo after 12 weeks.*

In a subgroup of 25 men, those taking the fruit extract were able to decrease their body weight (-3.7%) and abdominal fat (-9.7%), as well as waist (-7.5%) and hip (-5.3%) circumference. These changes were significantly greater than those in the placebo group. The fruit extract group also had highly improved perceptions of well-being, energy gain and overall satisfaction.*

Thermo Rip® (in two capsules) contains the same 450 mg dose of fruit extract used in these studies.


Accelerate fat loss* with EGCG from green tea  

Boost your metabolism with a high level of a unique fat-fighting compound from green tea called EGCG.* 

One study showed that using a combination of EGCG (same amount as our formula) and caffeine resulted in an average weight loss of 7.7 pounds over a 12-week period.* Another study showed participants burned up to 200 more calories a day compared to a placebo. That equates to almost a half a pound of body fat burned per week from green tea alone.* 



Improve exercise performance with green tea extract*

In January 2015, green tea extract was shown to improve more than just body composition when researchers tested its effects on exercise performance. To make sure the benefits were coming from green tea and not caffeine, they used a dose of 571 mg of decaffeinated green tea extract per day. 

Before, during, and after the four-week study period, the men cycled for one hour at half their aerobic capacity, then took a 40-minute performance exercise test. After four weeks, while the placebo group had not changed, the decaffeinated green tea group burned fat at a 25 percent faster rate, increased performance distance by 10.9 percent, increased average power output by 22.7 percent, and had 1.63 percent less body fat.

The researchers commented that supplementation with green tea extract increased the amount of fat used as fuel, making the body more efficient.* Thermo Rip® provides a 600 mg daily dose of green tea extract (2 capsules, twice daily), which is similar to this exercise performance study that used 571 mg per day of green tea extract.   


Fuel your natural fat burners with L-Tyrosine*

The amino acid L-tyrosine can help enhance your body's production of its own natural fat burners. Without plenty of L-tyrosine, the body cannot support maximum fat burning regardless of how few calories you eat or how much you exercise.*


Heat up your metabolism with cayenne pepper*

We included a concentrated extract of cayenne pepper standardized to 40,000 Scoville heat units. Heat units are based on the concentration of capsaicin in the pepper. Capsaicin and capsaicinoids are the bioactive compounds providing many of the benefits associated with the peppers.*

In a research review of 20 clinical trials, scientists identified three potential benefits of consuming capsaicinoids in regards to weight management. These benefits are increased energy expenditure (calorie burning), increased lipid oxidation (fat burning), and reduced appetite. The researchers observed that regular consumption of capsaicinoids significantly reduced abdominal fat and appetite, and suggested it could play a beneficial role as part of a weight management program.*

Directions:   Take 2 capsules twice daily.  


Give Thermo Rip® a try! If your fat loss regimen has stalled out or you've hit a plateau, then this formula might be just what you need to reignite your body's fat-burning processes.* 


Order Fitness Labs Thermo Rip® Fat Burner and get lean and ripped!*

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