Buyer's Guide: The best diet formula ingredients

Diet and exercise are fundamental elements for losing weight. But if you want to supercharge your diet or bust through a weight loss plateau, supplementation may be the key. This guide will help you identify the best ingredients, products and strategies for you.


Fat Burners

Thermogenic fat burners are formulas that include a blend of ingredients that stimulate the metabolism to burn more fat and calories.  

Caffeine stimulates metabolism and mobilizes body fat for use as energy. It can also enhance the effects of other fat-burning compounds like green tea and citrus aurantium. Many people rely on caffeine to increase exercise intensity and duration.


Green Tea Extract    
Green tea extract contains a catechin called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which may slow carb absorption and increase fat burning by improving the function of insulin. When combined with caffeine, EGCG was shown to elevate metabolism beyond that of caffeine alone. One study showed 7.7 pounds of weight loss after 12 weeks.


Citrus Aurantium / Synephrine  
Also known as bitter orange, this substance contains several alkaloids that stimulate the body’s beta-3 receptors to boost metabolism and increase fat burning. It also promotes the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine, which enhances mental energy and focus.



Stimulant-free products also work well, and many people use them in conjunction with fat burners.

CLA is a special conjugated omega-6 fatty acid that has been proven to reduce body fat and preserve lean body mass. It’s also been shown to speed up the body's fat metabolism and help metabolize existing fat deposits as well as increase the proportion of lean muscle to fat in the body.


Decaffeinated Green Tea
Get the same benefits as green tea extract, including EGCG, but without the caffeine. Taking 135 mg of EGCG twice daily is an effective dose.


Green Coffee Bean Extract  
The beans (or seeds) found in the berries of coffee trees contain high levels of chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid works in two ways. First, it reduces the absorption of blood sugar (glucose) by the intestine. Then it inhibits an enzyme in the liver so that less glucose is released into the bloodstream. With less glucose available, the body burns more fat stored in adipose tissues as a source of energy rather than glucose. Clinical studies showed those taking green coffee extract for 60 days experienced 5.7% weight loss and 4% lean mass to fat mass ratio increase.


Raspberry Ketones
Raspberries contain many bioactive constituents beneficial for health. Raspberry ketone, the primary aroma compound of red raspberries, regulates adiponectin -- a protein used by the body to regulate metabolism. There have not been any human studies yet, but according to animal studies, raspberry ketone causes the fat within cells to break up more effectively, helping burn fat faster. A typical dose is 100 mg per day.


This botanical has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to help treat stress-related health conditions. In one study, participants taking ashwagandha experienced a 69% decrease in the overall measure of stress plus a 24% reduction in a stress hormone, the same one produced during exercise. This helps inhibit stress-induced over-eating and carb cravings.


This trace mineral is a key factor in regulating the metabolism of nutrients, such as glucose. By supporting healthy glucose levels, chromium may help reduce carb cravings.

This is a non-hormonal metabolite of DHEA. It has been patented for its ability to promote thermogenesis as well as for the maintenance of healthy body weight.


Curb Appetite

These ingredients are designed to help you feel more full with less food, satisfying your appetite, thereby reducing your calorie intake.

Glucomannan Fiber
Produced from konjac root, this fiber absorbs large amounts of water and dietary fats. This creates a comfortable sense of fullness, suppressing your appetite and reducing caloric intake. One study showed subjects taking 1g one hour before meals lost 5.5 pounds over 8 weeks.


Hoodia Gordonii
Hoodia, a South African plant extract, works by tricking the brain into thinking you're full, even when you're not, by mimicking an increase in blood glucose. To prevent overeating, take hoodia before meals while you're still hungry.


Carb & Fat Inhibitors

You can still occasionally enjoy foods like pizza and ice cream while dieting. How? Take white kidney bean extract and/or chitosan to inhibit your body’s absorption of calories from high carb and high-fat foods.

Cissus Quadrangularis 
This medicinal plant is native to India and West Africa, where it has been used for traditional Ayurvedic purposes. It helps reduce the absorption of dietary starch and fat by blocking digestive enzymes that break them down. It may also help control emotional eating by raising serotonin levels. In one 6-week study, participants taking cissus quadrangularis lost 10.6 pounds and reduced fasting blood sugar levels 15%. The clinically efficacious dose is 150 mg twice daily. 


White Kidney Bean Extract
Also known as Phaseolamin or Phase 2, white kidney bean extract acts as a starch neutralizer. It slows the breakdown of starches and carbs by inhibiting the amylase enzyme. Studies show 66-79% less starch absorption versus a placebo.


This shellfish-based fiber binds with fat from your favorite foods, reducing calorie absorption. One study showed 5 pounds of weight loss difference than placebo over 8 weeks.



Many people achieve weight loss success by slightly reducing calorie intake and following a low carb or low glycemic diet plan. Adding supplements may help you burn fat faster, curb appetite and avoid cravings. Be consistent with your diet and exercise plan. Before you know it, you'll be looking and feeling better than ever!

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