Creatine reduced muscle fatigue

The kidney and liver naturally produce creatine, 95 percent of which resides in skeletal muscle. Researchers said creatine helps enhance athletic performance and builds lean body mass.

In one study, 20 healthy men and women, aged 19 to 23, took 14 mg of creatine per pound of body weight per day (equals about 2.5 grams for a 175-pound person) or a placebo for six weeks. Before and after the study, researchers tested body composition, maximum knee-extension strength at 180 degrees, knee-muscle fatigue, and blood levels of creatine.

While the placebo group did not improve, the creatine group was 9 percent more resistant to muscle fatigue during high-intensity knee-extension exercises, saw creatine levels increase 182 percent, and did not gain weight. 

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