2 Capsules Contain:
L-Citrulline 750 mg
Arginine-ABB (Alpha-Amino-Butyrate) 125 mg
L-Norvaline 100 mg
Pomegranate Fruit Extract 50 mg
Spectra™ (Consisting of Green Coffee Extract, Green Tea Extract, Broccoli sprout concentrate, Onion extract, Apple Extract, Acerola extract, Camu Camu concentrate, Quercetin, Tomato concentrate, Broccoli concentrate, Acai concentrate, Basil concentrate, Cinnamon concentrate, Garlic concentrate, Oregano concentrate, Turmeric concentrate, Carrot concentrate, Elderberry Concentrate, Mangosteen concentrate, Blackberry concentrate, Blackcurrant extract, Blueberry Extract, Chokeberry concentrate, Raspberry concentrate, Sweet Cherry concentrate, Spinach concentrate, Kale concentrate, Bilberry Extract, Brussel Sprout concentrate) 50 mg
and more
Servings: 30
Serving Price: $0.84
Price Per Capsule: $0.42