Regis Philbin gets his supplements from Nutrition Express

I first met Regis over 40 years ago when he had a daily morning show in Los Angeles. He would occasionally have my mother, Gladys Lindberg, and myself on the show to discuss health topics. We even made protein shakes on the show, way before they were popular.


He was gracious enough to say one particular shake we made tasted good. Especially when it was made with brewer's yeast, blackstrap molasses, lecithin and protein powder. Now, I can honestly say many protein powders do taste good!   


I had lunch with Regis after his show at an Italian restaurant. He told me he loved reading our Nutrition Express catalog because it gives him so much valuable information. We got talking about protein shakes. He said it was inconvenient to make them every morning.


So I pulled out of my purse Fitness Labs WheyFit Isolate protein powder in a zippered baggie that I always carry with me when I travel. I showed him how he can even add it to his coffee if it's not too hot. He was surprised by how good it tasted in his coffee. And was excited about bringing the same whey protein from his home down to his office so he could take it during the day.

Since then, Regis has been using Lindberg Varsity Pack 2 for the past 30 years for his daily multi-vitamin. His wife, Joy, takes Lindberg Pink Pack for Women. Regis is not one to let his fame change him. He still likes to joke around with our phone operators when he calls in his order. I'm not sure if he knows it, but his warm, teasing personality really makes their day.


Regis then gave me a copy of his new book, "Who Wants to Be ME?" I read it cover to cover on the flight back to L.A. from New York. It's fascinating to see the twists and turns life has taken him through. He is a bundle of enthusiasm. And talk about a stressful schedule, after his live morning show, he still had to tape two shows that afternoon for "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" The inscription on his book he gave me said,


"Dear Judy, Thanks for keeping me going all these years. Where would I be without you and your vitamins? Love, Regis."

You can pick up his book at If you like Regis, you'll love reading his book!

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