Pink Women's Multi 1 - a complete multi-vitamin and mineral formula in just one capsule


Lindberg Pink® Women's Multi 1

This complete, one-per-day multi-vitamin and mineral formula is designed just for women. It is formulated with an emphasis on beauty-from-within ingredients, energy, immunity and bone support factors.



To support healthy hair, strong nails and beautiful skin we include high levels of the B-vitamin biotin (600 mcg) as well as the mineral silica. We also include grape seed extract, vitamin C and natural-source vitamin E to provide skin-healthy polyphenols, collagen support factors and cellular antioxidants.*



You also get a high amount of energy-supporting B vitamins (average 25 mg) including 400 mcg DFE of folate.*



Beta-carotene (vitamin A), vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc help support normal immune function.* Our experience over the years has taught us that many women are prone to an upset stomach when taking a full days worth of zinc (15 mg) all at one time, especially when taking it with only a small meal. For this reason, we include a slightly lower level of zinc (7.7 mg).


Bone Support

Lindberg Pink® Women's Multi 1 is an excellent source of the superior form of vitamin D3 (25 mcg / 1,000 IU) which facilitates calcium absorption, helps strengthen bones and teeth and supports long-term overall health.*  To provide a higher potency of calcium and magnesium, consider adding a few capsules of Lindberg Bone Support.  


Two formulas to choose from: Iron Free or With Iron 


Pink® Women's Multi 1 Iron Free is designed for women who prefer a no-iron multivitamin. This formula also contains no vitamin K.

Pink® Women's Multi 1 With Iron is designed for younger, pre-menopausal women who need iron in their multivitamin. You get a full day's worth (18 mg or 100% RDI) per capsule. We also include vitamin K.*

Be sure to try this affordable multi-vitamin to fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet and help target a women's special requirements.

Directions: Take 1 capsule daily with food.   

Try Lindberg Pink® Women's Multi 1 Iron Free or Pink® Women's Multi 1 With Iron today! 

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