Krill oil boosts immunity after exercise

Krill oil contains the omega-3s EPA and DHA, and may alter immune function after exercise.

In this study, 37 men and women, average age 26, took 2,000 mg of krill oil per day, or a placebo, for six weeks. To trigger an immune response before and after taking krill oil, participants performed a maximal exercise test and a cycling time trial. The krill oil group saw an increase in a molecule, IL-2, which regulates immune white blood cells and natural killer (NK) immune cells. “NK cells are the first line of defense, reacting quickly to threats such as bacteria and viruses to keep them under control…their activity can be decreased by up to 60 percent for several hours after exercise,” doctors said. Doctors also found EPA, DHA, and overall omega-3 levels increased in those taking krill oil. 

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