If taking statin drugs, CoQ10 may reduce side effects

While CoQ10 is known for protecting the heart and compensating for statin-induced CoQ10 depletion, it has also been found to reduce statin-induced muscle pain.

Statins, a class of medications widely used to lower cholesterol, have been found to cause various muscle-related symptoms and myopathies. One reason might be the inhibition of the body’s natural production of CoQ10, which is necessary for energy production by the mitochondria. In a double-blind study of 32 patients with myopathic symptoms associated with statin use, CoQ10 was found to significantly reduce the severity of pain and interference of pain in everyday life.

One group was given 100 mg per day of CoQ10 and the other group, a placebo. After 30 days, those who used the CoQ10 had a 40% reduction in the severity of pain and a 38% reduction in the interference of pain in everyday activities. There were no significant changes reported in the placebo group. The researchers concluded that taking supplemental CoQ10 may offer an alternative to stopping treatment with statin drugs.

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