Build muscle and stay lean with NutraFit - it is a great-tasting meal-in-a-glass


Try this protein-packed shake mix to help build muscle! 

NutraFit® fuels lean muscle, provides energy and tastes delicious. Get the protein, carbs, fiber, and vitamins and minerals you need in a delicious, high-performance meal-on-the-go. 


40 grams of protein – extended release

The extended-release proteins in NutraFit® keep your body fueled for hours. Fast-digesting, premium quality whey protein (about 30g) works right away to maximize muscle growth and repair. Slower-digesting milk protein isolate (about 10g) provides native casein protein and a sustained flow of amino acids that can last for hours.


Carbohydrates provide fuel for energy

You get low and medium glycemic index complex carbohydrates (17-19 grams) to help replenish body fuel stores and keep your energy levels up.


Includes 24 vitamins and minerals

We include the vitamins, antioxidants and bone health minerals your body needs. NutraFit® provides about 350 mg of naturally-occurring calcium from milk proteins in each serving. Plus, there's no added iron and copper — minerals you don’t want too much of. There are only naturally occurring amounts.


6 grams of dietary fiber

Added Nutriose® soluble fiber with prebiotic qualities supports contributes to your daily fiber intake. 


No added sugar — 99.6% lactose free

We add zero sugars. This formula only contains naturally-occurring sugars, such as 2.2g of lactose from the protein and 0.5g from the complex carbohydrate source. (Not a low-calorie food). 


Ideal for a quick breakfast

Drink a shake daily. It's perfect for breakfast, as a meal or between meals. Women may want to mix up a half serving.


Keep hunger at bay and get the energy you need with NutraFit®!  

Here’s what people are saying about NutraFit®:

“The creamy vanilla is one of the best tasting shakes I've tasted. I can't wait to try the other flavors.”    – David P., Goodlettsville, TN

"I have taken many other meal replacements throughout the years and NutraFit is the best yet. This product actually tastes great just mixing with water. I use just one scoop in the morning for breakfast, and it keeps me full until lunch! High protein and a low price - you can't find a better product out there.    – Heather P., Richmond, VA

“My family’s health is important to me. We wanted to get more nutrition into our diet so we shopped around for a good meal replacement. NutraFit was the perfect choice for us. It tastes great, is packed with the nutrition we need and saves us money. We’re 100% satisfied and staying with NutraFit!”     – Brian J., Harbor City, CA    


Order NutraFit® Meal Replacement — a great-tasting meal-in-a-glass for a strong, lean, fit body!*


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