Natural vitamin E reduces risk for blood clots

Women who took vitamin E were less likely to form dangerous blood clots in the veins than were women who did not take vitamin E.

At Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, researchers followed 39,876 women who entered The Women’s Health Study at a minimum age of 45 and who took 600 IU of natural source vitamin E or a placebo every other day for 10 years.

Women in the vitamin E group were 21% less likely to form the blood clots (venous thromboembolism or VTE) compared to placebo. A subgroup of women who had a history of VTE was 44% less likely to develop the clots, compared to women with no previous VTE, whose risk declined 18%. In VTE, blood clots that form in the veins can break away and lodge in the brain, heart or lungs.

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