Paleolithic Diet

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Nonfood Factors

The Paleo Diet is often promoted in conjunction with CrossFit, a branded fitness program that emphasizes variety and a combination of strength moves plus aerobic and anaerobic (high-intensity interval) activities. Strength training typically focuses on moving your own body weight, such as with pushups, pullups, and other dynamic movements. Formal weight training with machines or dumbbells is not a big part of most CrossFit/Paleo plans, though this equipment may be used at times.

Workouts tend to be short and very intense, and you will rarely do the same one two days in a row. Variety and challenging your body anew with each workout are key, and you can find “Workouts of the Day” (WOD) on many websites and in CrossFit training resources. In summary, CrossFit aims to to be broad, general, and inclusive, and its “specialty is not specializing.

Is This Diet Vegetarian-Friendly?

No. The Paleo Diet omits all legumes and grains, which are a major source of protein on most vegetarian diets.

Eating Out

Eating out on the Paleo plan doesn’t need to be difficult. Stick with lean meats and vegetables, and skip the breadbasket, appetizers, and dessert tray. When ordering a salad, hold the croutons, chickpeas and other legumes. If you’re having a burger, you’ll need to skip the bun. Ask for sauces and dressings on the side, so you can control how much of them you are using, and if possible, opt for olive oil and vinegar, or a non-creamy vinaigrette

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