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Try our Lindberg Pink® line of women's health and beauty supplements for beauty-from-within. The popular formulas include support for hair, skin, nails, energy, immunity, and bone health.* 


Pink® Pack® for Women — multi-vitamin mineral packets

Lindberg Pink® Pack® For Women is designed just for women with a focus on bone health support, beauty-from-within ingredients for hair, skin, nails and collagen production and antioxidants^ to fight aging.*

Here's why it's a superior women's formula.  

Made with algae-sourced beta-carotene  

We include only the more expensive, algae-sourced form of beta-carotene, an important source of vitamin A. It contains a wide spectrum of yellow, orange and red carotenoids that may help quench free radicals and support overall health.*

Loaded with bone health ingredients including superior calcium citrate* 

To support bone health, you get 500 mg (38% RDI) of calcium including 250 mg of easily-absorbed calcium citrate.* Plus, you get 250 mg (60% RDI) of magnesium. These two minerals are lacking in all 1-per-day formulas.  

Vitamin K2 and artery health*

New research shows how valuable K2 is to support bone and arterial health — especially when taking vitamin D and calcium.*

Vitamin D3 for enhanced bone health*

Vitamin D enhances the absorption of calcium and is essential for bone health.* Since women are more prone to bone health issues, 2,000 IU (50 mcg) of vitamin D3 is added, which is superior to the D2 form.*

Energizing B vitamins

We include a full array of B vitamins. Plus you get a healthy dose of the more expensive, active form of B12 (methylcobalamin) as well as pantothenic acid, known as the "anti-stress" vitamin. 

Vitamin C 1,000 mg supports collagen*

The building block of healthy skin is collagen, which requires healthy amounts of vitamin C. We include buffered, non-acidic vitamin C for sensitive stomachs, which also provides calcium.*

Bioflavonoids support vein health*

To support vein and capillary health, 100 mg of a lemon bioflavonoid complex is included.*

Vitamin E (d-alpha form) plus gamma tocopherols

We use only the d-alpha form of vitamin E, not the synthetic dl-alpha form. We also include a gamma-tocopherol complex (100 mg), which works with vitamin E to combat oxidative stress.*

Directions: Take 1 packet (8 capsules) daily with food and water. 


Or, try our popular 1-per-day multi — Pink® Multi 


Lindberg Pink® Women's Multi 1

This complete, one-per-day multi-vitamin and mineral formula is designed just for women. It is formulated with an emphasis on beauty-from-within ingredients, energy, immunity and bone support factors.


To support healthy hair, strong nails and beautiful skin we include high levels of the B-vitamin biotin (600 mcg) as well as the mineral silica. We also include grape seed extract, vitamin C and natural-source vitamin E to provide skin-healthy polyphenols, collagen support factors and cellular antioxidants.*


You also get a high amount of energy-supporting B vitamins (average 25 mg) including 400 mcg DFE of folate.*


Beta-carotene (vitamin A), vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc help support normal immune function.* Our experience over the years has taught us that many women are prone to an upset stomach when taking a full days worth of zinc (15 mg) all at one time, especially when taking it with only a small meal. For this reason, we include a slightly lower level of zinc (7.7 mg).

Bone Support

Lindberg Pink® Women's Multi 1 is an excellent source of the superior form of vitamin D3 (25 mcg / 1,000 IU) which facilitates calcium absorption, helps strengthen bones and teeth and supports long-term overall health.*  To provide a higher potency of calcium and magnesium, consider adding a few capsules of Lindberg Bone Support.  

Directions: Take 1 capsule daily with food. 
Pink® Women's Multi 1 Iron Free is designed for women who prefer a no-iron multivitamin. This formula also contains no vitamin K.


Pink® Women's Multi 1 With Iron is designed for younger, pre-menopausal women who need iron in their multivitamin. You get a full day's worth (18 mg or 100% RDI) per capsule. We also include vitamin K.*


Pink Collagen Peptides 


Reduce wrinkle volume and improve skin elasticity* 

Our Pink® Collagen Peptides product is specially optimized to promote beauty from the inside out. An easy, daily dose of three small tablets (2,500 mg) can support firmer and smoother skin with less wrinkle volume, improved skin surface structure, and a reduction of cellulite in normal bodyweight women. There is also an unfinished study that points towards faster nail growth with less chipping of fingernails.*

Study 1: Improved skin elasticity 

A placebo-controlled study of over 60 women aged 35 to 55 years demonstrated these collagen peptides significantly improved skin elasticity (up to 15%) compared to placebo. This effect was noticeable after just 4 weeks of treatment and continued the full 8 weeks of the study duration.* These participants took 2.5 grams per day, a much smaller dose than regular collagens (6 -10 grams). 

The results were more significantly pronounced in a subgroup of the women who were age 50 or older. This subgroup also exhibited a moisturizing effect from the collagen peptides as their skin hydration increased 11-14% and skin evaporation decreased 6-7%. Even 4 weeks after stopping intake, the collagen peptide group still showed higher skin elasticity levels than in the placebo-treated group.*

Study 2: Reduction of wrinkles 

A second study of over 100 women with an average age of 55 took 2.5 grams of collagen peptides once a day for 8 weeks. The collagen peptides group significantly reduced wrinkle depth after just 4 weeks and almost tripled the reduction after 8 weeks as compared to placebo.

Study 3: Improved skin surface structure and a decrease of cellulite 

Cellulite is characterized by a cottage cheese appearance of the skin that mainly occurs on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Researchers have identified multiple factors related to cellulite including BMI, genetic predisposition, gender, age, ethnicity, diet, lifestyle, and pregnancy. Cellulite is a result of adipose (fat) tissue bulging through the skin and may be more pronounced in people whose connective tissue structure is weaker and less dense.
In a recent double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, 97 healthy females aged 24-54 years old with moderate cellulite on their thighs took either 2.5 grams of special collagen peptides or a placebo for 6 months. Women with normal body weight (BMI <25) had a 5.3% decrease in their cellulite scores after 3 months, and a 9% decrease after 6 months compared to placebo. This was reflected by less of a “mattress phenomenon” when the skin was pinched, a smoother surface of the thighs when lying down, and a decrease in the dimpling of the thigh when standing.

There was also an 11.1% decrease in the waviness of the thigh skin after 6 months of use. In the overweight women tested (BMI >25), skin waviness was reduced by 3.6% after 6 months compared to placebo, but it failed to reach a level of statistical significance. Another test using ultrasound showed significant indications of dermal density strengthening with 6 months of collagen peptide use.*

Unlike many cellulite supplements that struggle to combat excessive fat or improve microcirculation, collagen peptides strengthens the deeper, dermal layer of the skin to decrease the amount of fat showing through the skin. While many people are taking these collagen peptides to reduce wrinkles and counteract skin aging, now you can add a clear improvement of skin appearance in normal weight women suffering from moderate cellulite to the long list of collagen peptide benefits.*

Study 4: Promoting the growth and health of fingernails

Currently, there is another study (pending publication) on the relationship between oral supplementation of collagen peptides and fingernail growth and health. It investigates how collagen peptides may affect the prevalence of cracked and/or chipped nails, nail edge irregularity, nail peeling and nail growth.

Here is a sneak preview from the study:
“80% of the patients were completely satisfied and satisfied with collagen peptide treatment. 75% of the women perceive their nails as longer, 71% said their nails grew faster and became longer.” 

Who should take Pink® Collagen Peptides? 

These studies have been performed on women between the ages of 24-65. Current research seems to suggest that the most profound results are found in women who are over 50.* Even though men were not included in these studies, there is no reason why men cannot take as well.

How much collagen should I take? 

The clinically studied dose is 2.5 grams, but in some studies, it was shown that taking twice that amount led to even better results. With other forms of collagen you typically will need at least 2-3 times this amount, making Pink® Collagen Peptides very economical and convenient to take.* 

Directions: Take 3 tablets daily with water, or 1 scoop daily. 


Try the Lindberg Intense Renewal Serum Kit — includes a FREE bottle of Pink® Collagen Peptides!


Intense Renewal Serum is a luxurious beauty oil with antioxidant vitamins E and C, jojoba oil and omega 3-6-9 fatty acids. This innovative cosmeceutical serum provides concentrated ingredients that help transform dull, lifeless skin into healthy-looking, radiant skin. It’s the ultimate beauty oil!

Intense Renewal Serum is based on the original beauty oil developed by legendary nutrition pioneer Gladys Lindberg in the 1960s and later enhanced by her daughter, author and nutrition consultant, Judy Lindberg McFarland.

Core Ingredients

Vitamin E 

Includes all eight compounds of the preferred form of vitamin E. They provide antioxidant protection and support.

Omega 3-6-9 

Helps to fortify and revitalize the skin's natural moisture barrier, which can keep the skin looking soft, smooth and healthy.

Vitamin C 

Provides antioxidant protection and support in combination with vitamin E. It helps to brighten the skin and establish a more even skin tone.

Buriti Oil 

Provides additional antioxidant protection for more radiant skin. It is one of the richest sources of natural carotenoids.

Organic Açaí Fruit Oil 

Contains superfruit plant compounds like antioxidants, vitamins, anthocyanins and omega-6 and 9 fatty acids.

Jojoba Seed Oil 

Provides exceptional moisture control and helps keep skin smooth and silky-soft.


A natural oil extracted only from olives, squalane is an excellent moisturizer known for its ability to prevent the appearance of water loss from the surface of skin. It’s a light emollient, which helps soften and soothe the skin, and also acts as a lubricant on skin’s surface, helping enhance a smooth appearance.


Derived from soy, lecithin is an important ingredient for sensitive skin. It contains natural fatty acids and is an emulsifier.

Lavender Oil 

This pure and natural essential oil has a long history of benefits to the skin.


The Intense Renewal Serum Kit includes 2 bottles of Serum ($60) and a FREE bottle of Collagen Peptides (an $18 value). 

Intense Renewal Serum is the ultimate luxurious beauty oil! Forty years of personal use — from the original beauty oil recipe to the new formula — represents uncompromising benefits and highly effective results experienced by family, friends and many customers throughout the United States and around the world.

Serum Directions: Apply serum morning and night to a clean face, neck and decolleté and especially after sun exposure or shaving. May be used on the under-eye area as needed. to create a dewy, radiant look, apply when the skin is clean and damp. Wait for the oil to absorb completely before applying sunscreen or makeup. (For external use only).

Collagen Peptides Directions: Take 3 tablets of Pink® Collagen Peptides daily. 


Try our popular women's Lindberg PINK® line today! 

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