Omega-3s help lactating moms

Omega-3s are the most prevalent fatty acid in the brain, and essential for healthy development.

In this study, 89 lactating women, four to six weeks post-partum, took 200 or 400 mg of DHA per day, or a placebo, while following their usual diets.

After six weeks, fatty acid levels in breast milk had increased by 50 and 123 percent, respectively, for moms taking the low and high DHA dose. Similarly, circulating levels of DHA increased by 71 and 101 percent. In their children, the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 increased in the placebo group compared to the DHA groups. Omega-6 must stay in close ratio to omega-3 to optimize health, and closer ratios may help omega-3s accumulate in three critical regions of the brain during early development. 

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