Can MSM help with joint problems?

I call this a 'miracle' supplement for many people with joint problems. The famous actor, the late James Coburn tried everything for 20 years while struggling with crippling arthritis pain. He started taking 6 grams of MSM twice a day. Within 3 days he felt like a new man. That's 6,000 milligrams, twice a day.

Two studies by Dr. Ronald Lawrence, from UCLA School of Medicine, measured the effects of MSM in athletes and patients with joint problems. First, injured athletes taking MSM, in addition to their usual physical therapy, reported improved recovery (58%) versus a placebo group (33%). In addition, athletes using MSM had 40% fewer office visits during treatment. Second, a double-blind study showed joint patients with joint pain taking 2,250 mg of MSM daily for 6 weeks reported an average 82% improvement, compared to 18% taking placebo. These studies used the same Lignisul(tm) brand MSM that we use in our Lindberg brand products.

MSM is organic sulfur, like the natural sulfur found in eggs. It is completely non-toxic. Dr. Stanley Jacobs, the author of the book, The Miracle of MSM, reports that most people should take 2 to 3 grams per day. Higher doses are typically necessary for therapeutic effects. Results have also been amazing for those with allergies during pollen season.

I might add that MSM is known as "nature's beauty mineral" since sulfur will help your hair fuller and thicker and your nails grow stronger and faster. Don't take it before bedtime as it may have a tendency to keep you awake. I put the powder form in my protein shake every morning because I already take plenty of other capsules. Some people prefer capsules since MSM powder does have a slightly bitter taste.

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