Probiotics improved sleep quality and mood

Ivan Pavlov, the Russian physiologist, famously gave dogs food, immediately followed by the sound of a buzzer or metronome. At first, dogs salivated when they saw food. Eventually, dogs salivated when they heard the buzzer or metronome without food, proving the brain could trigger appetite.

Now, new research suggests a two-way street: the gut can influence mood by sending nerve signals to the brain through the central nervous system. In this study, 33 healthy adults, average age 22, took a placebo or a multi-strain probiotic. Before, during, and after the six-week study, doctors measured mood, personality, and sleep quality.

Overall, while there was little change for placebo, those taking probiotics reported better sleep and significant improvements in mood, including fewer depressive symptoms, and less anger and fatigue. As sleep quality improved, so did mood scores. Doctors said improving mood through probiotics may help reduce sensitivity to negative situations, and the urgent need to deal with them.

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