Vitamin C may reduce colds and increase exercise capacity
Wanting to be less active is an early sign of vitamin C deficiency, along with longer-lasting colds. Doctors wanted to test the effects of vitamin C on physical activity and respiratory tract infections during peak cold season. In this study, 28 healthy non-smoking men aged 18 to 35, with a healthy or obese weight, took either 1,000 mg of vitamin C or a placebo per day.
Over the course of the winter, fewer men in the vitamin C group reported catching a cold, and those that did catch a cold spent 59 percent less time ill. During the last two weeks of the study, men in the vitamin C group increased physical activity 40 percent above the activity level reported by the placebo group. Discussing their findings, doctors said the good results may be due to the antioxidants in vitamin C, because oxidative stress is linked to fatigue. 

Reference: Nutrients. 2014 Jul 9;6(7):2572-83.
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