Avoiding risk factors ensures longer survival in men

Avoiding midlife risk factors ensures longer survival in men. For men, healthy survival has been linked to lifestyle choices.

In a 40-year-long study of 5,820 Japanese men, overall survival rates compared to exceptional survival rates were shown to be linked to healthy lifestyle factors and higher education. Out of all the subjects, 58% died before the age of 85, 31% survived to 85 with disease or disability and 11% survived to 85 without 6 major chronic diseases and without cognitive or physical impairment. The probability of exceptional survival was 60% with no risk factors and less than 10% with 6 or more risk factors.

Therefore, aiming to reduce multiple risk factors such as being overweight, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, smoking and excessive drinking while maintaining healthy body weight may improve the probability of living with better health in older ages. 

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