Take CoQ10 for heart health*

Why take CoQ10? Here’s one reason...

A study in the European Heart Journal showed that CoQ10 strengthens the heart. The team studied 23 people with an average age of 59 years. They were assigned four weeks each of oral CoQ10 supplements or inactive placebo pills with or without supervised exercise training five times per week.

Supplementation with CoQ10 led to an improvement in peak exercise capacity and cardiac function.* You might think of fatigue, and reduced stamina and low energy as unavoidable symptoms of aging. However, these problems may be linked to diminished amounts of CoQ10 as we age, thereby warranting the consideration of CoQ10 supplementation.*

CoQ10 is absorbed better when taken with fat. Softgels of CoQ10 contain fat for this reason. The slightly more economical two-piece capsule form of CoQ10 does not have fat and should be taken with a meal or snack that contains fat to improve absorption.*



We have four different versions of our most popular 100 mg potency so you can choose the one that is right for you! 



Lindberg CoQ10 100 mg Capsules

Here’s our most economical, vegetarian capsule form of CoQ10. This CoQ10 is produced through a fermentation process. Lindberg does not use the chemically synthesized “cis isomer” form of CoQ10. Take with a meal, preferably containing some fat. Soy free. Vegetarian capsules.




Lindberg CoQ10 100 mg Softgels 

Here’s our most popular 100 mg CoQ10. This CoQ10 is produced through a fermentation process. Lindberg does not use the chemically synthesized form of CoQ10. Since CoQ10 is fat soluble, we combine it with sunflower oil to enhance its absorption. Soy free. 



Lindberg CoQ10 100 mg CoQsol-CF Softgels

This patented form of CoQ10 eliminates crystal formation (CF=crystal free), which reduces particle size and increases bioavailability by about 250% over regular CoQ10 powder. It’s combined with d-limonene oil (extracted from citrus fruit) to enhance bioavailability. The natural d-alpha form of vitamin E is added to enhance the biological function of CoQ10.* It costs more, but you’ll get more benefit per milligram. 



Lindberg Ubiquinol 100 mg Softgels 

This CoQ10 features a patented formula using Kaneka QH™ Ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is the active (reduced) form of CoQ10 directly used by the body. Regular CoQ10 must undergo a multi-step conversion process in the body to become ubiquinol. It offers increased bioavailability for those who, for various reasons, have difficulty converting regular CoQ10 to its active (reduced) form. 


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