Vitamin E reduced pneumonia in smokers
In this study, 7,469 males, age 50 to 69, who began smoking at age 21 or later, took a placebo or 75 IU of vitamin E per day. Over a follow-up period of five to eight years, among those who smoked between 5 and 19 cigarettes per day—“light” smokers—and who exercised casually, chances for developing pneumonia were 69 percent lower for vitamin E compared to placebo. About one-third of participants quit smoking at some point during the study period. For these former smokers, chances for developing pneumonia were 72 percent lower compared to placebo, even among those who had been “heavy” smokers—20 or more cigarettes per day—or those who did not exercise. Doctors said the evidence that vitamin E can prevent pneumonia in older male smokers is strong, and suggest more study in non-smokers.

Reference: Clinical Interventions in Aging; 2016, Vol. 2016, No. 11, 1379-85.
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