Vitamin C lowers chances of stroke
In this review, doctors analyzed 11 vitamin C studies that followed 217,454 men and women from six to 30 years. Overall, those who got the most vitamin C were 19 percent less likely to have had a stroke of any kind compared to those who got the least. Researchers found, in 10 of the 11 studies, chances of stroke declined 17 percent for each 100 mg increase in vitamin C per day.
In six studies of circulating vitamin C, those with higher levels were 38 percent less likely to have had a stroke compared to those with lower levels. And, in five of the six studies, doctors found chances of stroke decreased by 19 percent for every 20 micromole-per-liter of blood increase in circulating vitamin C. Doctors said there is increasing evidence of a link between stroke and systemic inflammation, and that vitamin C has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Reference: Journal of the American Heart Association; 2013, Nov 27;2(6):e000329

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