Mulberry leaf extract may help prevent diabetes

Mulberry leaf extract powder lowered blood sugar and insulin after a meal in a new study.

Doctors theorized that the active ingredient in mulberry leaves (L-deoxynojirimycin or DNJ) could lower abnormally high blood sugar (glucose) levels and help prevent diabetes mellitus. Scientists first determined which parts of the mulberry plant, which planting locale and which harvest season -produced the most potent DNJ. Researchers then recruited healthy volunteers who took 6 mg, 12 mg or 18 mg of DNJ, or a placebo, followed by 50 grams of sugar.

After waiting 30 to 180 minutes, doctors measured blood-plasma levels of glucose and insulin and found that the 12 mg and 18 mg doses of DNJ significantly reduced after-meal glucose and insulin, concluding that DNJ can be effective in preventing diabetes mellitus. 

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