Lower your heart attack risk

Results from the Stockholm Heart Epidemiology Program conducted in Sweden showed that both men and women who took multi-vitamins had a significantly lower risk of heart attack than those who did not take supplements, regardless of their diet.

A team of Swedish researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm studied two groups of men and women aged 45 to 70. The first group, consisting of 910 men and 386 women who had suffered a first heart attack, were compared to a control group of 1,143 men and 542 women who had not suffered a heart attack.

After adjusting for cardiovascular risk factors such as diet and smoking, researchers determined that the risk of heart attack for men who took multi-vitamins was 21% lower than for men who did not use supplements. For women who took multi-vitamins, the risk of heart attack was 34% lower than for women who did not use supplements.

The researchers noted that healthy lifestyle habits such as consuming fruits, vegetables, and dietary fiber, not smoking, and physical activity level did not affect the results of the study, although women who had never smoked appeared to have an added health advantage.

The findings confirm the wisdom of the Journal of the American Medical Association June 2002 recommendation that all adults take a multi-vitamin every day to reduce the risk for many chronic diseases. 

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