Thisilyn: The clinically proven liver detoxifier

Each day you may be exposed to potentially harmful toxic substances, including:

• Second hand smoke and pollutants in the air you breathe
• Unwanted pesticides and chemicals in the foods you eat
• Industrial solvents at your work
• Alcoholic beverages
• Food toxins

Many of these substances are detoxified within your body. But with today's increasingly impure environment and unhealthy lifestyles, your body's "anti-pollution" mechanisms may need support.

Help your liver help itself
The liver is your body's primary "cleansing" organ, keeping toxins from affecting other systems such as your heart, blood vessels, eyes and skin. But when overexposed to toxins and/or an excessively fatty diet, your liver can become less effective and damaged. Fortunately, your liver has the ability to heal itself. Regular exercise, abstention from smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, eating a health diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and regularly supplementing your daily diet with thisilyn milk thistle can help support healthy liver function.

Silymarin: Thisilyn's key active
The active bioflavonoid complex in thisilyn, called silymarin, is a powerful antioxidant that exerts a protective effect against pollutants and other substances that may be harmful to your liver.

Silymarin binds directly to liver cells and blocks the entrance of toxins. Silymarin also helps your liver produce glutathione: a natural front-line defense against free radical damage. When your liver needs maximum support, silymarin actually helps it synthesize new protein and regenerate healthy tissue.

Thisilyn's superior bioavailability
Most milk thistle brands claim to contain 80% silymarin, but too much of it passes through the digestive system without being absorbed. That's because silymarin molecules tend to bind together and not break apart in the digestive tract. Thisilyn's patented formula significantly improves the digestive absorption of silymarin. In fact, it's twice as bioavailable as other milk thistle brands — meaning 2x more of its silymarin actually reaches your liver and exerts a protective effect.

The therapeutic dose As a supplement to the daily diet, take one thisilyn capsule three times daily.


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