Organic Greens & Reds drink mixes provide organic concentrates

Try Lindberg Organic Greens & Fruits Plus™

Lindberg Organic Greens & Fruits Plus™ is a concentrated and convenient organic drink mix to help you achieve the 5+ recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables.  

Energizing Greens & Fruits

If your diet is lacking a variety of nutritional foods including green vegetables and salads, fill in the gap with Lindberg Organic Greens & Fruits Plus™

You get a broad spectrum of 28 certified organic concentrates, each with unique health benefits. They include:

Greens alfalfa, wheat grass, barley grass, oat grass
Green Algae – chlorella, spirulina
Vegetables – spinach, green bell pepper, carrot, beet
Cruciferous Vegetables – kale, cabbage, broccoli
Fruits – apple, pomegranate, acerola cherry
Berries – acai, goji, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry
Sea Vegetables – sea kelp, dulse

They provide an array of alkalizing and detoxifying elements such as chlorophyll, a natural green plant pigment that is known as nature’s deodorizer. Plus, you get naturally-occurring phytonutrients, carotenoids, antioxidants**, vitamins, minerals and 3 grams of fiber per serving to help support good health.* 

Lindberg Organic Greens & Fruits Plus™ is easy to mix and perfect to drink when you’re pressed for time.

Suggested use:  Simply add 1 scoop (or 4 teaspoons) to 8 oz of water or non-acidic juice like apple juice or mix into smoothies or add to food. 

Order Lindberg Organic Greens & Fruits Plus™ and get 28 organic concentrates! 



Try Lindberg Organic Reds Plus™ 

Lindberg Organic Reds Plus™ is an antioxidant-rich^ organic drink mix filled with colorful superfruits. It’s designed to help you achieve the 5+ recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

Each serving contains a broad spectrum of 21 certified organic concentrates from rich-colored fruits, berries, and vegetables which provide a host of beneficial plant compounds such as ellagic acid, lycopene, lutein, cyanidins and more.*

You also get 1g of fiber, prebiotics and 30 mg of antioxidant vitamin C (naturally-occurring). Designed to help you achieve 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables a day. 30 calories per serving. 

Organic Reds Plus™ provides the following:

Ellagic acid — the compound found in pomegranate, raspberries, strawberries and grapes that has antioxidant properties.
Lycopene — gives tomato its deep, red color.
Quercetin — a naturally occurring flavonoid found in plant tissues such as apples, onions, tea and grapes.
Catechins — found in green tea extract have anti-aging properties.
Cyanidins — the red pigment found in many berries has antioxidant and radical-scavenging effects which protect cells from oxidative damage.
Alpha-, Beta-, Gamma-Carotene — found in orange, yellow and green leafy fruits and vegetables has well-documented antioxidant properties.
Lutein & Zeaxanthin — the top nutrients for eye health, these carotenoids are found in the retina’s macular pigment and helps protect the eye from free radical damage.*

Organic Reds Plus™ also contains anthocyanidins, flavonoids, betanin, vulgaxanthin and more. You also get fiber (organic oat bran), prebiotics (organic inulin) and organic green tea extract.

Organic Reds Plus™ contains a blend of 21 super fruits. They include:  

Reds pomegranate, red beet, tomato, red apple, cherry, acerola extract, strawberry, goji berry, cranberry, raspberry, yumberry
Yellow & Orange banana, pineapple, mango, carrot, lemon
Blue & Purple concord grape, black currant, blackberry, blueberry, maquiberry

Help reach your 5+ daily servings of fruits and veggies!

Suggested Use: Add 1 scoop (or 4 teaspoons) to 8 ounces of water, juice or beverage of choice. Or add it to smoothies, yogurt or other foods. Scoop enclosed. 

Order Lindberg Organic Reds Plus™ and get 21 organic concentrates! 

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