Pycnogenol® may help manage cold symptoms, shorten duration
When the 70 adult men and women in this study first felt cold symptoms, they began to take 50 mg of Pycnogenol twice per day. Doctors compared their experience to 76 other similar adults who did not take Pycnogenol when cold symptoms set in. Both groups took their usual good care in managing their colds.

Colds lasted an average of 3.1 days for the Pycnogenol group compared to 4.2 days for those taking no treatment. For workdays lost, those taking Pycnogenol were out of work an average of 0.55 days compared to 0.67 days for the no-treatment group. The Pycnogenol group also had to rely less on over-the-counter cold remedies than the no-treatment group, and had fewer upper respiratory complications as well, suggesting that Pycnogenol helps manage symptoms and reduces the duration of the common cold.

Reference: Panminerva Medica; 2014, Vol. 56, No. 4, 301-8.
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