Whey and casein help burn fat

Burning—or oxidizing—fat is a major goal of fitness training, and fasting during aerobic exercise is a popular approach. Because there is little available research, doctors in this study tested 11 healthy men, average age 23.5 years, in four sessions, each after an 8- to 10-hour fast.

During one session, the men got a placebo. In a second, a 25-gram dose of maltodextrin. In the third and fourth sessions, 25 grams of whey protein, then 25 grams of casein protein. After waiting 30 minutes each time, the men performed a 30-minute, low-intensity treadmill exercise reserving 55 to 60 percent of their available heart rate.

During and after exercise in the whey and casein sessions, doctors measured higher energy expenditure and fat burning activity, compared to the maltodextrin or placebo sessions.

Discussing the results, doctors said that fasting alone did not change energy expenditure or fat burning during or after exercise. But taking whey or casein protein 30 minutes before exercise increased the rates of energy expenditure and fat burning after exercise.


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