Soy-dairy protein blend preserved muscle in men
People normally consume a mix of proteins, and doctors wanted to test the effects of a protein blend on muscle building. In this study, 20 healthy, recreationally active men, aged 55 to 75, took 30 grams of a soy-dairy protein blend or the same amount of whey protein alone, in a beverage they drank one hour after performing a set of leg-extension exercises. The protein blend contained 25 percent each of soy and whey proteins, plus 50 percent caseinate.

Doctors measured muscle amino acid concentrations before and up to five hours after exercise and found the soy-dairy blend delivered amino acids to muscle tissue, promoted muscle protein synthesis, and activated a process that leads to muscle protein turnover. The results were similar for whey protein alone. Discussing the findings, doctors said protein blends, such as soy-dairy, may help counteract age-related muscle loss in a form similar to how people consume protein.

Reference: Journal of Nutrition; October, 2016, Published Online.
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