Soy-dairy protein extends amino acid delivery to muscles

Amino acids form proteins that help build muscle. Transporting amino acids into muscle and keeping them there longer after exercise can help build and repair muscle.

In this study, 16 healthy participants, aged 19 to 30, took a soy-dairy protein drink, or whey protein alone, one hour after exercise. The soy-dairy formula included 25 percent soy protein isolate, 25 percent whey protein isolate (a milk protein) and 50 percent caseinate (another milk protein).The soy-dairy protein continued to transport amino acids into muscle one hour longer compared to whey protein alone.

Also in the soy-dairy group, the level of amino acids remained elevated in leg muscle during the post-workout recovery period, suggesting prolonged muscle building activity with the soy-dairy protein combination. Doctors said more consumers are beginning to recognize how important protein is for overall health and well-being, and that this study shows that a soy-dairy supplement may improve muscle fitness for everyone from the casual exerciser looking to maintain health to the serious sports enthusiast seeking better performance. 

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