Whey and casein protein lower blood pressure

Previous studies have associated dairy intake, especially milk proteins (both whey and casein), with vascular health.

Results of a short-term intervention study further strengthen this relationship. Obese, but otherwise healthy women between the ages of 19 and 44 years with moderately elevated blood pressure were randomly assigned to a whey, casein or a carbohydrate supplement group. They all consumed 30 grams of their respective supplement at night at least 2 hours after dinner. They also participated in a combined exercise program that included 3 sessions per week. Several measures of vascular health were recorded before and after 4 weeks of exercise and supplementation.

There was a 5-7 point decrease in systolic blood pressure in both the whey and casein groups (about 5-7 mmHg measured in both the arm and artery). The whey and casein groups both improved augmentation index by about 9%, which is a measure of arterial stiffness. These results support the use of whey and casein as effective supplements to improve vascular health in young women with hypertension.

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