Lose more body fat after workouts with whey protein only

Whey is an excellent high-quality source of protein, especially for promoting positive adaptations to resistance training. While whey protein consistently promotes gains in muscle mass, new results from a large, well-controlled, resistance training study suggest that whey promotes greater fat loss.

A total of 68 healthy non-trained men participated in a 28-session 12-week resistance training program. Participants were randomly assigned to three nutrition groups. One group took 30 grams of protein (from
whey), another group took 30 grams of carbohydrate (from maltodextrin), and the last group took a combination of 30 grams of protein (whey) and 30 grams of carbohydrate (maltodextrin). Participants consumed the supplements after each training session and were also instructed to consume their normal diet.

All three groups gained muscle mass and strength, but compared to the carbohydrate group, the whey protein only group lost a significantly greater amount of total fat (6% vs 0%) and abdominal fat (8% vs 0%). Thus, consuming whey and avoiding carbs post-exercise results in a more favorable reduction in body fat and body composition.

This is consistent with prior work showing that in the post-exercise period, consumption of fast-acting carbs rapidly decreases fat burning and diminishes the beneficial effects of exercise on insulin sensitivity and other cardio-metabolic risk markers. For those whose focus is to reduce body fat, drinking a post-exercise whey protein shake made without added carbs is a great strategy to increase muscle mass and strength while enhancing fat burning and overall health.

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