Whey protein significantly reduces hunger, weight and body fat in those who are overweight

According to the results of a new study, regular consumption of whey protein before meals may help shed excess weight. Overweight and obese men were randomly assigned to a whey or soy group. Each group was provided packets of either whey protein concentrate (65 grams) or soy protein isolate (60 grams) which yielded the same quantity of protein (about 54 grams). They were then asked to mix it with water and consume it in the afternoon 30 minutes before their largest meal. They were also instructed to maintain their usual dietary intake and activity patterns.

After 12 weeks of daily protein supplementation, ratings of hunger were reduced more in the whey group (43%) than the soy group (25%), and this translated into a greater decrease in energy intake, especially from carbohydrates. The whey group lost almost twice as much weight (-14.1 pounds) as the soy group (-7.7 pounds). The percentage of body fat decreased from 29.6% to 20.4% in the whey group and from 28.2% to 25.1% in the soy group. Lean muscle mass increased more in the whey group (9 pounds) than the soy group (1 pound). While both whey and soy protein resulted in significant improvements, these findings indicate that consuming a whey protein beverage 30 minutes before a large meal is more effective than a soy-based beverage at decreasing appetite and promoting greater weight and fat loss.


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