L-glutamine improves gut microflora, and may promote weight loss
New research points to a link between overweight and an imbalance in bad compared to good gut microflora. In this study, 33 overweight and obese adults took 30 grams of L-glutamine per day, or a placebo. After 14 days, the placebo group saw a 23 percent increase in the ratio of bad-to-good microflora while those taking L-glutamine had a 33 percent decrease.

The ratio is a sign of obesity, and the decrease suggests the L-glutamine group was more likely to begin losing weight. Doctors said that the favorable changes to gut microflora in the L-glutamine group were similar to those found in people on a weight loss program, and that a longer study may see weight loss.

Reference: Nutrition Journal; 2015, Vol. 31, No. 6, 884-9.
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