New study finds ginseng reduces fatigue, pain, anxiety, and increases appetite in cancer

Fatigue is the most common symptom in those with cancer, and there are few options for boosting energy. People also often experience pain, anxiety, loss of appetite, and disturbed sleep. In this study, 30 men and women with cancer-related fatigue, pain, anxiety, loss of appetite, and disturbed sleep took 800 mg of Panax ginseng per day.

After 15 days, using standard measurement tests, fatigue scores had decreased by 39.7 percent, pain scores by 28.4 percent, and appetite scores had improved by 32.5 percent. After 29 days, while pain, fatigue, and appetite scores continued to improve, participants also scored a 32.4 percent improvement in sleep quality and had 52.2 percent lower anxiety scores. This was an “open label” study, meaning no placebo group. Doctors suggested larger placebo-controlled studies to help confirm these promising findings. 

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