Ginseng improves Alzheimer’s

Those with Alzheimer’s disease reversed mental decline and continued to improve mental ability while taking Panax ginseng, in a new study.

Doctors in this study explained that recent experiments suggest ginseng improves memory in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and wanted to test mental ability in those with AD. The researchers gave about 60 participants 4,500 mg of Panax ginseng per day while observing another 40 participants who did not take ginseng for 12 weeks.

At four weeks, those in the Panax ginseng group had improved mental test scores by about 3 percent while the non-ginseng group had declined by about 2 percent. At 12 weeks, the Panax ginseng group had improved by about 5 percent while the non-ginseng group still showed a slight decline. Mental scores returned to original levels when participants stopped taking ginseng. Researchers concluded, “Panax ginseng is clinically effective in the cognitive performance of AD patients.”

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