Omega-3 and alpha-lipoic acid may help delay cognitive decline

Several earlier studies found eating more fish, which contains omega-3s with anti-inflammatory properties, may help delay cognitive decline. Those with Alzheimer’s disease have abnormally high levels of oxidative stress, inflammation, and LDL cholesterol, doctors said.

In this small pilot study, researchers measured cognition in 34 people with Alzheimer’s disease before and after taking a placebo, or omega-3s with or without alpha-lipoic acid. The doses were 675 mg DHA, 975 mg EPA, and 600 mg alpha-lipoic acid per day.

After 12 months, while there were no changes in measures of oxidative stress in any of the groups, both the omega-3 and omega-3 plus alpha-lipoic acid groups had better scores in tests of math, memory, and orientation compared to placebo.

Also, the omega-3 group tested better than placebo in carrying out activities of daily living, including chores such as housekeeping and shopping, which increased their chances of living independently longer.

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