Citrus flavonoids reduce depression in women
In this long-term study of 82,643 women, age 36 to 80, doctors measured total flavonoids in the diet every two to four years, and chances for depression. Citrus flavonoids are found in the juice, skin and pulp of citrus fruits.

Women who consumed the most flavanols, flavones, and flavanones were 7 to 10 percent less likely to develop depression over the course of the study, with those at least age 65 at the start of the study showing the greatest benefit. Those who got two or more servings per day of citrus fruit or juice were 18 percent less likely to develop depression compared to women who got less than one serving per week. Flavones and proanthocyanidins were most effective in lowering chances for depression, doctors said.

Reference: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; 2016, Vol. 104, No. 3, 704-14.
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