Omega-3 and SAMe may help ease symptoms of depression

A high percentage of those who have depression do not reach remission after one or two courses of antidepressant medication, and hundreds of millions currently take these drugs worldwide. To see if a nutritional approach might improve results, doctors reviewed 40 clinical trials that used vitamins and other nutritional supplements along with standard antidepressants.

Overall, those treating depression with antidepressants who also added omega-3 fish oil supplements, SAMe, methylfolate— the bioactive form of folate (a B-vitamin)—or vitamin D had better results than those taking antidepressants alone. The strongest finding was for omega-3, which had a statistically significant effect over placebo. There were no major safety concerns in combining antidepressants with nutritional supplements, and the findings suggest there is great potential to improve the mental health of people who respond inadequately to antidepressants alone, doctors concluded. 

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