Omega-3 supports healthy pregnancy

Taking the omega-3 fish oils DHA and EPA during the last half of pregnancy reduced pre-term births and increased birthweight.

In this study, 2,399 pregnant women took a placebo or 800 mg per day of DHA plus 100 mg of EPA per day during the second half of pregnancy.

Women who took DHA with EPA had 51 percent fewer very-pre-term births compared to placebo, and several more post-term births, with fewer of the omega-3 infants needing neonatal intensive care. The omega-3 babies weighed an average of 2.5 ounces more than babies of moms who took the placebo. Also, fewer omega-3 babies were low birth weight.

Doctors said the findings are important worldwide because, compared to pre-term babies, full-term babies are much more likely to survive and be healthy. 


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